Rev. Dr. Francis Sey Advocates for Digital Bible Accessibility

The National Treasurer of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), Rev. Dr. Francis Sey, has reiterated the importance of embracing digital platforms for accessing the Bible, viewing it as an opportunity for wider reach and deeper engagement with scripture.

 In an interview, Rev. Sey highlighted the convenience of having the Bible readily available on smartphones and other digital devices, encouraging believers to utilize these resources for daily reading and application of biblical teachings.

Acknowledging the transition from traditional printed Bibles to digital formats, Rev. Sey emphasized that the essence of scripture remains unchanged, regardless of the medium through which it is accessed.

He stressed the significance of reading and implementing the teachings of the Bible in daily life, emphasizing that the availability of various versions on digital platforms should aid in Bible study and comprehension.

Influence of Social Media

Rev. Dr. Sey who is also the General Overseer of the Foursquare Church International also addressed the impact of social media on religious practices and beliefs, describing it as “massive” in Ghanaian society.

 He noted that social media platforms influence various aspects of life, including language, dress, and lifestyle choices.

As a response, Rev. Dr. Sey emphasized the importance of the church being aware of these changes and being prepared to provide biblical perspectives and guidance on the challenges posed by social media.

“We should be aware of what is happening on social media and be available to provide biblical answers to the challenges that present themselves,” Rev. Sey remarked, underlining the need for active engagement and response from the Christian community.

In conclusion, Rev. Dr. Sey urged believers to take advantage of digital resources for accessing the Bible and to remain vigilant in addressing the impact of social media on religious practices and beliefs.

He called for the acceptance of technology and the maintaining of the strong biblical foundation for transformation and growth within the faith community.


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