Bishop Ohene Benjamin Aboagye Advises Youth Ahead of Ghana’s General Elections

Bishop Ohene Benjamin Aboagye, a National Executive Council Member of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), has urged youth of Ghana to approach the electoral process with wisdom and responsibility as the nation prepares for the upcoming General Elections.

In an interview with GPCC News, Bishop Aboagye emphasized the importance of the elections as a means to choose capable leaders who can represent the aspirations and needs of the people.

“Elections are a process by which we want to choose our leaders. So we are looking at people who have what it takes to be able to lead us. All that we want to do is find capable, able people to lead us. It is not a fight. It is not something that should bring division and confusion,” he stated.

He advised the youth to remain calm and focus on selecting leaders who can truly represent their interests and the interests of the nation. “These are people who are representing us. So you look out for somebody who can represent you, your needs, your aspirations, not only for you but also for your family and the nation at large. They should be very calm,” Bishop Aboagye urged.

Bishop Aboagye who is also the Presiding Bishop of the Perez Chapel also cautioned the youth against being influenced by monetary inducements, stressing that accepting money in exchange for votes undermines their rights and could lead to negative consequences. “The next thing that the youth should realize is that they have the right. It is their right. Immediately they allow somebody to induce them with money, they are selling their right, and they should remember that the person is buying them either into slavery or into something else. So they should not take money to go and vote,” he warned.


Addressing politicians who might seek to manipulate the youth for violent purposes, Bishop Aboagye reminded them of the far-reaching repercussions of their actions. “When the violence comes, we are all in this nation. Not only them. They have families, they have spouses, they have children, they have grandchildren. So whatever seed they sow, they will reap,” he noted.

In addition to his electoral advice, Bishop Aboagye spoke about the challenges within the church, particularly regarding the impatience of some young people aspiring to pastoral roles. He highlighted the necessity of undergoing proper training, mentoring, and a formal commissioning process. “The calling of God is a process. When one is called by God, he or she goes through a process of training: mentoring, equipping and sending to the appropriate area of calling,” he explained.

Bishop Aboagye encouraged the youth to exercise patience and submit to authority in their spiritual journeys. “They should exercise patience and be trained, and then they should submit to authority, especially in the form of their mentoring, and they will see the grace upon their lives,” he concluded.

As the election season approaches, Bishop Aboagye’s advice serves as a crucial reminder of the role of the youth in shaping the future of Ghana through peaceful and informed participation in the democratic process.


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