Welcome to the Finance Department of GPCC

The Finance Department is one of the two departments at the National Secretariat that is central to the day-to-day operation of the Council. The department is responsible for but not limited to the following key functions:

The preparation and keeping of all accounting books at the National Secretariat.
Ensure that all-financial transactions are properly recorded.
Bring accounts up to date and in readiness to advise the desk of the General Secretary and Treasurer on the finances of the Council. Work closely with the Council’s External Auditors to ensure the timely submission of accounts and auditing of such accounts by the auditors for approval by the NEC in line with 15.2.2 of the Council’s Constitution. Ensure the preparation of the Council’s Annual Budget in consultation with the National Treasurer.

Working closely with the Admin and Operations Department to coordinate the collection of GPCC Week contributions, dues and other levies from member churches, including issuance of receipts for such payments.

Working closely with the Admin and Operations Department to collate and submit up-to-date records of members in Good Standing (financially) to the NEC through the General Secretary and
Providing technical advisory support to the Finance Committee.