GPCC General Secretary Advocates for True Love on Valentine’s Day

The General Secretary of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), Apostle Immanuel Tettey, has urged the public to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day of genuine love, not lust.

Emphasizing the significance of Valentine’s Day as a day of love, Apostle Tettey urged everyone to show kindness and extend forgiveness to those who may have caused grievances. “Valentine is a day of love, not lust. I want to encourage everybody on this day of Valentine’s Day to show love, and kindness, and if there is anybody who has offended you and caused grief for a long time, don’t harbor bitterness. Today is the day you can extend the hand of forgiveness and reconciliation because it is a day of love,” he declared.

In an interview with GPCC News, Apostle Tettey stressed the importance of distinguishing between love and lust during this celebration. “It is a time of love, not lust. A day of showing love and reaffirming love, not indulging in lusts and immorality,” he emphasized, drawing reference to the biblical passage from 1 John, which states that God is love. He cautioned against professing love for God while harbouring hatred towards one’s neighbour, asserting that such claims would be deemed false.

“On this day of Valentine, show love, but not lust. It’s a time of love, and we thank God so much for setting aside a day for charity, for showing kindness to other people, and for reaffirming love. Importantly, it is not a day for lust or immorality,” Apostle Tettey reiterated.

As Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with expressions of love, Apostle Tettey’s message resonates with the values of compassion, forgiveness, and true love, encouraging individuals to embrace the spirit of the occasion without succumbing to inappropriate desires or actions.


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