Africa urged to work in unity for the development of its people

The Head Pastor of The City of Faith (TCF) Assemblies of God, Accra, Reverend Patrice Adjei has fervently called for unity and collaboration among African countries for development and prosperity.

 The spiritual leader emphasized that the key to unlocking Africa’s prosperity lies in coming together as one entity – United Africa.

Rev. Adjei who is also a Chartered Banker passionately stated, “The day we will partner and called United Africa, that is the day Africa will prosper.”

He highlighted the potential for prosperity that would emerge from the free movement of skilled Africans labour across the continent. Specifically, he envisioned a future where Ghanaians and other Africans could travel seamlessly to other African countries without the need for visas, fostering the exchange of talents and contributing to the growth and prosperity of the entire continent.


“Partnership is very important for growth and prosperity; Africa must leverage its resources through collaboration,” he asserted.

Drawing attention to the rich natural resources scattered across the continent, the Head Pastor emphasized that when African nations unite, they can collectively leverage these resources for sustainable development.

“Nigeria has natural gas and minerals, Ghana has gold, Togo produces diamonds, and Cote d’Ivoire contributes cocoa. When we unite as Africa, we can leverage our resources and make significant strides in development,” Rev. Adjei declared.

Rev. Adjei who is also a consultant addressed the historical exploitation of Africa by other countries. He warned against deception by other nation seeking to exploit the continent’s resources and emphasized the importance of breaking free from the chains of exploitation.

“We have been deceived by the Western world because when they realized that when  Africa is united, they can no longer feed on our resources and exploit us again. It’s time for Africa to unite for development and prosperity,” he urged.

Win souls

Quoting from Acts 13: 1-10 during his sermon, the religious leader drew parallels between the need for unity in spirituality and world. He stressed the importance of partnering with the Holy Spirit for empowerment, enabling believers to spread the word of God and make a positive impact on society.

“When Christians are empowered by the Holy Spirit, they speak, and souls are won. Signs and wonders follow their words,” he explained. “We must change our attitude and partner with one another to win souls for God.”

As the call for unity resonates across Africa, the vision of a united continent, working together for growth, development, and spiritual empowerment, gains momentum. The prospect of a prosperous and united Africa stands as a beacon of hope for a brighter future.


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