Treat House Helps As Family Members – Apostle Sampson Adjei Berko Advocates

Apostle Sampson Adjei Berko, the General Overseer of Glory and Hope International, has emphasized the importance of treating house helps as members of the family and providing them with care and love.

In an interview with GPCC News Apostle Berko urged parents to view house helps as surrogate siblings for their children, fostering a sense of love and camaraderie within the household.

“When we show love to our maids as if they are our own children, our kids will see them as siblings, allowing them to learn valuable skills like cooking and household chores,” Apostle Berko remarked, highlighting the potential for positive influence within the family unit.

He emphasized on the point that doing this will show that we are Christians families because as true Christians we are expected to do good to all people as stated in Mattew 5: 45-48.

Apostle Berko, a member of Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) also touched the significance of parental engagement and the detrimental effects of neglecting children due to busy schedules.

He cautioned against using work as an excuse to overlook the needs of children, urging parents to prioritize quality time with their offspring.

“In the past, parents had more time for their children and were actively involved in their upbringing. However, societal changes necessitate a shift in parenting approaches,” Apostle Berko stated. “Parents must adapt to the current times by fostering open communication with their children and understanding their interests and concerns.”

Apostle Berko lamented the reliance on house helps to perform household tasks that children should learn themselves. He emphasized the importance of parents actively teaching their children essential life skills, such as cooking, to prepare them for independence in adulthood.

“In today’s society, children risk reaching adulthood without basic life skills if parents rely too heavily on house helps,” Apostle Berko cautioned. “Parents must take proactive steps to ensure their children receive proper guidance and education within the home environment.”

 Apostle Sampson Adjei Berko urged parents to embrace change and actively engage with their children to instill values and skills necessary for their holistic development. By fostering a nurturing and supportive environment, parents can equip their children with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.


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