“The world needs love to fight covid-19” – GPCC Gen sec

The General Secretary of Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) Rev.  Emmanuel T. Barrigah has called on Christians to have a closer fellowship with God during this partial lockdown.

He said, the lockdown which has fallen within this passion period as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, should make Christians, especially members of GPCC to use this ‘business- free period’ to examine their relationship with God as they commemorate the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus.

“Commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ’

 Speaking to GPCC News Team in an interview, Rev. Barrigah said “I wish heads and members of member Churches all the best of the season. Let us use the exigencies of the time we are living in to draw closer to God as we seek closer fellowship with Him during this partial lock down which has fallen within this Passion Period.”

Touching on the Easter Celebration, the General Secretary noted that, Easter Sunday commemorates the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead upon which the Foundation of Christianity is built.

Hence, he pointed out that, the death of Jesus Christ on the cross brought about reconciliation between God and human beings and also between one human being and another, so “we should use this celebration and period of lockdown to strengthen our relationship with one another.”

Rev. Barrigah noted that, this is the time Christians needed  to show more love to their neighbours and Christ Jesus.

The world needs reconciliation

Commenting on the pandemic, he indicated that, the world today needs to accept this message of reconciliation since “we need one another in this current crisis.”

“This message of reconciliation means the healing of our broken relationships with God, overcoming our hostility towards one another and seeking the welfare of our neighbours no matter their background,” he said.

Adding that, there are a lot of people who are rich but they were tested positive because the virus does not know rich or poor, great countries or poor countries;Saint ” love is what we need most, irrespective of our status to help fight this pandemic.”

“In the light of this we must use the occasion to confess our sins to God, to one another and to forgive one another. Just as that first Easter brought old enemies together in mutual respect for one another, let us also use the occasion of this Easter to achieve same,” Rev. Barrigah advised.

He called on Christians to use this occasion to strengthen their love with one another, emphasizing that, “as we celebrate this occasion let us remember that Christ gave His Life for us willingly and unconditionally and so we should extend the same love to family, friends and others.”

Encouraging Christians in this difficult times, Rev. Barrigah urged them to keep their hope alive and stand firm in faith in this crisis since God is in control.

On behalf of the National Executive Council of GPCC, he said, “wish you all a happy Easter in this difficult times, but as Christians our hope is Christ Jesus believing that, this pandemic shall end soon.”



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