“Social Distancing is not time to neglect God” – Rev Tuekpe

The Head Pastor of Christ the Morning Star, Rev. Bright Tuekpe has urged Christians not to distance themselves from God as they observe social distance believing that God will fight the battle against COVID-19 in behalf of Ghanaians.

According to her, as Christians distance themselves from one another, they should not distance themselves from the Lord but rather pray fervently and “very soon we will see them no more.”

In an interview with GPCC News Teams, Rev. Tuekpe quoted Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace,” hence Christians should pray and God will fight the battle of the pandemic.

“The Lord God encourage us that the enemy “we see today, very soon we will see them no more,” she encouraged.

Encouraging Christians to pray, the reverend minister urged Christians to have confidence in the Lord because He is the healer and the Lord assures the righteous to call on Him in times of difficulties.

Adding that, there is nothing that God cannot do hence all that Christians need is to believe in Him.

Study the Word of God

Rev. Tuekpe advised Christians to be closer with God as they pray and study His word so that the word of God will manifest in their lives.

 According to her, ministers of God should let their congregation know that they are not God and where ever they are the Holy Spirit is with them.

“We should let them know they should pray at home and where ever they are they can pray and stop chatting unnecessarily but this is the time they should get more closer to God and study the word as they meditate on it,” she said.

She said, without meditating on the word, no Christian can grow spiritually, hence it is only the word of God that can make Christians grow and have the power to defeat the work of the devil.

She indicated that, by the time the Coronavirus is over, Christians would have empowered themselves spiritually and come out as victorious persons.

Touching on the spiritual life of some Christians, Rev. Tuekpe indicated that their spiritual lives would be very down because some would not get time to pray often unlike there were church meetings.

Intensify Public Education

On the part of government, she advised government to intensify public education on the coronavirus especially those in the rural areas because when someone contracts it, it would be more disastrous than those in Cities.

She believes government doing this would go a long way to help Ghanaians win the fight of the pandemic.



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