GPCC’s Role in Socio-Economic Development Highlighted by General Secretary

The General Secretary of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), Apostle Immanuel Tettey, has outlined the significant contributions of the GPCC to the socio-economic development of Ghana.

In a detailed interview with GPCC NEWS, Apostle Tettey mentioned various initiatives and partnerships that have enhanced the council’s impact on both its members and the wider community.

Partnership with Starlife

Discussing the partnership with Starlife Assurance, he noted that it has positively impacted the lives of their member churches and the broader community.

“This wasn’t how it started,” Apostle Tettey noted. “I came to meet the partnership which was started by my predecessor, Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Barrigah  during whose tenure this arrangement was started. But we have taken it to another level where GPCC is now directly benefiting from the partnership on a monthly basis. We are also extending it to the health facilities of member churches.”

A key aspect of this partnership involves educating members about insurance and encouraging them to adopt insurance policies within their economic means, the General Secretary pointed out.

 “In the event of any mishap or difficulty, they can fall back on the benefits from these insurance policies,” Apostle Tettey explained.

Apostle Tettey revealed that, the GPCC is also working on establishing a church welfare policy for its member churches and a ministers’ welfare policy, broadening the scope of its support and services.

Apostle Tettey expressed optimism about the future of these initiatives, stating, “As the years go by, if Christ tarries, He will give us more insights and ideas on what we should do. The future is great with this partnership.”

Socio Economic Development

Regarding the influence of GPCC’s activities on social and national development, Apostle Tettey highlighted the council’s significant presence and impact.

 “GPCC is happy to recognize that  it is the biggest ecumenical body in terms of the number of member churches and congregations. Per Ghana’s population, we have the largest constituency by way of population,” the General Secretary noted.

Given this extensive reach, he said, GPCC has contributed in the country’s socio-economic well-being in diverse ways. “We partner with the government in looking at policies that benefit the general population and our members coupled with other advocacy on government policies.”

Apostle Tettey said. GPCC member churches contribute to society by running schools, hospitals, and other community investments, thereby playing a crucial role in social advocacy and development.

Apostle Tettey emphasized the GPCC’s commitment to these initiatives, aiming to foster socio-economic growth and stability across Ghana.

 “Our efforts are not only about spiritual growth but also about ensuring the well-being and development of our communities,” he concluded.

It must be noted that the 2024 National Delegates Conference of GPCC, set for June 26 at the Royalhouse Chapel, Ahenfie will further discuss these initiatives and their impact, gathering church leaders and members to shape the future of the council’s socio-economic contributions.


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