Equipping Member Churches to Impact Society with the Values and Principles of the Kingdom of God


The values and principles of the kingdom of God are transformative and have the power to positively impact society. As believers, we are called not only to embrace these values but also to actively share them with the world around us. Equipping and mandating member churches to impact society with the values and principles of the kingdom of God is essential for creating lasting change and fostering a more just and compassionate world.

  1. Teach and preach the kingdom.

To effectively equip member churches, it is vital to teach and preach the principles of the kingdom of God. Through biblical instruction and exhortation, pastors and church leaders can help their congregations understand the values of love, justice, mercy, forgiveness, and righteousness that underpin the kingdom. This teaching should inspire believers to live out these values in their daily lives and interactions, impacting society through their actions.

  1. Empower through Discipleship:

Equipping member churches involves more than imparting knowledge; it requires discipleship and practical application of kingdom principles. Church leaders should provide opportunities for believers to grow in their faith through small groups, mentoring relationships, and discipleship programs. This empowers individuals to understand and apply the values of the kingdom in their families, workplaces, and communities.

  1. Encourage Engagement in Social Issues:

Member churches can impact society by actively engaging in social issues that align with the values of the kingdom of God. This may involve addressing poverty, advocating for justice and equality, caring for the marginalized, promoting education, or supporting environmental stewardship. Church leaders can encourage their congregations to participate in community outreach programs, volunteer initiatives, and partnerships with organizations working towards social transformation.

  1. Promote servant leadership:

Equipping member churches to impact society requires cultivating a culture of servant leadership. Church leaders should model humility, compassion, and selflessness in their own lives, encouraging others to do the same. By valuing servant leadership, churches can influence their communities, demonstrating that leadership is not about personal gain but about sacrificial service and meeting the needs of others.

  1. Collaborate and network:

Member churches can have a greater impact by collaborating and networking with like-minded organizations and churches. Through partnerships, joint initiatives, and alliances, churches can combine their resources and expertise to address societal challenges more effectively. Networking also provides opportunities for learning, sharing best practices, and amplifying the impact of kingdom values and principles in society.

  1. Engage in prayer and intercession.

Prayer is a powerful tool for impacting society with the values and principles of the kingdom of God. Member churches should prioritize corporate prayer, interceding for their communities, government leaders, social issues, and the transformation of hearts and minds. Prayer aligns believers with God’s heart and empowers them to walk in His wisdom and guidance as they engage with society.


Equipping and mandating member churches to impact society with the values and principles of the kingdom of God is essential for creating meaningful change in our world. As churches embrace biblical teaching, empower through discipleship, encourage engagement in social issues, promote servant leadership, collaborate and network, and engage in prayer, they become catalysts for transformation. By collectively living out the values of love, justice, mercy, and righteousness, member churches can bring about a positive impact on society, shining the light of God’s kingdom and advancing His purposes in the world.

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