Christians reminded of Biblical Caleb as the world battles COVID-19

The First Vice President of Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), Rt. Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah has assured Ghanaians that there is victory ahead in the midst of this pandemic.
He said if God has not been defeated before, then Ghanaians more especially “Christians should know that there is victory ahead of us because the battle is for the Lord.”

Giving a sermon themed “the battled is not yours”, Rev. Ankrah said the pandemic called Coronavirus (Covid-19) which has killed many people worldwide has brought fear into the country.
Reading from numbers 13:30-33, he explained that, in midst of giants and difficult situation, Caleb saw the problem in God’s perspective and purpose, therefore it is very important to perceive the pandemic in God’s perspective and allow God to fight the battle.
He noted that, in the midst of fear, Caleb rose up and said let’s go and possess the land because there were good things on the land of Canaan but there were giants and strong men on the land fighting against them.
“I want the world to know that without God we can’t win this battle of Covid-19, it is only God who can win this battle therefore we should leave it for God to fight,” he urged.
Bringing it into individual lives, he pointed out that, individuals are going into difficult situations and tough times but “if you don’t bring God into your situation you will not know how bigger God is.”

Challenges ahead
Touching on some challenges facing the country in the midst of this disease, he noted that, the President is at war praying that this pestilence will not cripple the economy and bring everything to a halt.
However, he stressed that “we are winning the battle.”
Commending the President of Ghana for bringing together Christian leaders to offer prayers, he stressed that, “when you take God out of your situation, you will lose the battle because our problem is not bigger than God.”
Rev. Ankrah who is the General Overseer of Royalhouse Chapel International said, he believes by the end of this pandemic “we will unite as a country while our faith will be strong and grounded in God” adding that, they meant it for evil but it will turn out to be for the good.

Commenting on the seriousness on this pandemic, the revered mentioned that, even scientists do not know where it is coming from while other people have a different view of where it is coming from but as Christians “we do not care where it is coming from, because our God is bigger than the pandemic and all things are working together for our good.”
He noted that, Christians are the church so the churches are not closed but the buildings are closed, therefore Christians should keep praying as they stay in their houses while believing God there is victory ahead.


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