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The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) has called on Ghanaians to see the national cathedral as a national monument that will represent the entire population.

The First Vice-Chairman of the GPCC, Right Reverend Dr Gordon Kisseih, said in view of controversies surrounding the construction of the cathedral, the council and the churches had been working behind the scenes to get things done in the interest of all.

“We do a lot of work behind closed doors; we are not silent,” he stated.

Speaking at the National Delegates Conference of the GPCC, Rt Rev. Kisseih called for unity among the public, noting that the country was currently polarised to the extent that “every statement made was interpreted as being for or against the government”.

“We cannot do unity in the church and when we come to the public forum, we do not do unity; that is why this conference brings in all the delegates to pray for peace in the nation and deliberate on how things can be made better,” he said.

Delegates conference

The GPCC held its National Delegates Conference last Wednesday, with a call on Ghanaians to desist from resorting to violence when expressing their views.

Rt Rev. Kisseih said the chaos that ensued at the Arise Ghana demonstration last Tuesday could have been avoided.

“I am not here to say one is right or wrong, but the Christian community is 70 per cent of the nation; so Christians must exercise restraint when expressing their views on national issues,” he said.

The conference was dubbed: “Defending the Christian faith in contemporary times”.

It was aimed at bringing delegates together to pray for the nation and deliberate on how things could be made better.

Rt Rev. Kisseih urged particularly Christian leaders to be vigilant and to caution their people about violent tendencies.

He said Christian leaders had a charge to warn, encourage and comfort people according to the word of God.

He said leadership meant holding people’s authority in trust and, therefore, urged leaders to act accordingly.


The Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral expressed commitment to see to the successful completion of the project and urged religious leaders to support in that regard.

The Chairman of the board, Apostle Professor Kwadwo Opoku Onyinah, said the support of the public was crucial to the construction of the cathedral.

He said a National Cathedral Week Celebration slated for July 4-10, 2022, would be used to educate people on why the country needed the national monument, and also to mobilise funds for the construction of the cathedral.

Working for God

Apostle Prof. Onyinah said despite recent allegations of corruption in relation to monetary affairs of the construction, members of the board were only “doing what God has asked them to do”.

“We are not seeking fame or name; we are not asking for money because we have all crossed such things. Leading churches and economic councils, we are here to do what God has asked us to do,” he said.

He said they could not betray the trust the nation had given to them, noting that they would work to ensure the successful construction of cathedral.


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