Bishop Mensah urges Christian Leaders renew Commitment to Christ

A member of the National Executive Council (NEC) of Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, Bishop Samuel N. Mensah (GPCC) has urged Christian Leaders to renew their commitment to Christ Jesus to promote the gospel.
According to him, Christian leaders must be conscious of their assignment because as priests they are to ensure that the fire continues to burn on the altar.
“As believers and leaders it is prudent that we become very much conscious of the calling of the Lord on our lives. It is only through this that we can be committed to a particular course,” he said.
In an Interview with GPCC NEWS Team, Bishop Mensah indicated that ministers must focus on the assignment for which they have been called.
Bishop Mensah said even though there are so many destructions that may come their way to derail them from their core mandate, Christian leaders still have a responsibility to remain focus on their assignment.
On placing value on their assignment, Bishop Mensah who is also the President of Full Gospel Church International advised ministers of the gospel to esteem or value the assignment they have been called into.
Reading from Leviticus 6:12, the revered minister explained that, “Without knowing the true value of your assignment, you may be tempted to approach it anyhow”.
He added that, any priest who valued his assignment would be orderly in the manner he would lay a burnt offering on the altar as well as experience an incremental progress in the delivery of his assignment.


Bishop Mensah indicated that, most often people lose their commitment to a particular course when they realize that they are not making any progress.
“To keep your commitment level high, you must desire to be better in whatever tasks you are engaged in. There should never be drainage in your ministry. In order to keep the altar active, the fire on it must continue to burn without running out,” he said.
Relating to the nation, he quizzed, “what is Ghana noted for? Most people say Ghanaians are hospitable so if Ghana is going to be committed to tourism, then the government should ensure that Ghana could be noted for that.
“In most cases they say Ghanaians are hospitable but just being hospitable without training whereby we can understand effective customer services and how to be nice to people as well as treat people in business it is not going to work,” he said.
Making comparison, he pointed that, China is noted for technology among other countries which are noted for something, hence Ghana should be noted for something.


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