Bishop Jackson Urges Politicians to Prioritize Ghana Ahead of 2024 General Election

The Chairman of Christian Praise International Centre (CPIC), Bishop Stephen Owusu Jackson, has issued a heartfelt plea to politicians as Ghana prepares for the 2024 General Election.

 In the light of the upcoming electoral process, Bishop Jackson has shared essential advice for all stakeholders in Ghana, emphasizing the importance of unity, responsibility, and national interest.

Addressing politicians directly, Bishop Jackson stressed the significance of mindful campaigning, urging them to weigh their words and actions carefully to prevent the incitement of unrest.

Bishop Jackson who is also a member of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) highlighted the critical role politicians play in shaping public discourse and urged them to prioritize the welfare and unity of Ghana above all else.

Call on Media

Touching on the relevance of the role the media plays, Bishop Jackson called upon the media to uphold truthfulness and impartiality in their reporting, emphasizing the need to prioritize the nation’s interests over personal interest.

He underscored the media’s responsibility in shaping public perceptions and ensuring informed decision-making among citizens.

In addition to politicians and the media, Bishop Jackson also directed his advice to security personnel, urging them to fulfill their duties diligently in safeguarding the country and its citizens. He emphasized the vital role of security forces in maintaining peace and order during the electoral process.

Exploitation by Politicians

Expressing deep concern over the exploitation of vulnerable individuals by politicians for personal gain, Bishop Jackson condemned such actions as “unfortunate.” He called on politicians to refrain from using vulnerable individuals as pawns in their political strategies, urging them instead to prioritize the nation’s welfare above their own interests.

“It’s really, really unfortunate,” remarked Bishop Jackson. “Politicians should not use vulnerable individuals for their selfish interests. They should prioritize Ghana first.”

As Ghana braces itself for the upcoming elections, Bishop Jackson concluded with a heartfelt prayer for peace and unity.

He expressed hope that all stakeholders would come together to ensure a peaceful and successful electoral process, emphasizing the importance of collective effort and national cohesion in navigating this crucial period in Ghana’s democratic journey.


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