Bishop Jackson Urges Circumspection in Social Media Usage Amid Dual Impact

Bishop Stephen Owusu Jackson, Chairman of Christian Praise International Centre, has called upon the youth to exercise circumspection in their use of social media.

Speaking in an interview with GPCC News, Bishop Jackson emphasized the dual impact of social media on Ghanaian society, highlighting both its positive and negative aspects.

 Bishop Jackson who is also a member of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) underscored the potential of social media as a powerful platform for knowledge dissemination and youth empowerment. However, he also voiced concerns about its misuse, particularly in the propagation of insults and vices.

“Social media in itself is not a bad thing,” stated Bishop Jackson, drawing parallels with biblical notions of increased knowledge in the last days.

Impact of Social Media

He acknowledged social media as a valuable tool for learning and entertainment but cautioned against its negative influences, such as disrespectful behaviour and inappropriate content.

Advising the youth, Bishop Jackson urged them to exercise caution in their use of social media, especially when engaging in criticism of elders, politicians, and religious leaders.

 He stressed the importance of showing respect to authority and offering constructive criticism rather than resorting to insults or derogatory remarks.

“As the youth, we should be circumspect in all our criticisms,” advised Bishop Jackson, invoking a proverb about the growth and maturity process.

 He encouraged young people to express their opinions respectfully and constructively, recognizing that they too may assume leadership roles in the future.

Bishop Owusu’s remarks come amidst growing concerns about the impact of social media on societal discourse and behaviour. His call for circumspection serves as a reminder of the need for responsible digital citizenship and respectful interaction in the online sphere.


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