The aim of the GPCC is to work towards the unity of the Church both spiritually and physically and to ride on the strength of this unity to mobilize the Church towards the evangelization and development of a peaceful, just and equitable society.  We strive to also uphold the rights of the marginalized and vulnerable to actively participate in the decision-making processes of governance (at all levels), and to access social and economic opportunities available.

The Council seeks to provide a united platform that projects the voices of its members, and Ghanaian citizens both within and outside of the country on important national policies through regular engagements to ensure that Godly leadership and accountable governance permeates all facets of our national lives. The following objectives guide the realization of this aim:


  • To promote good relationship and encourage effective networking among member churches and other church organizations in Ghana in particular and in the world at large.


  • To promote healthy fellowship, that will activate great revivals that will bring about mighty moves of God in our land.


  • To maintain high standards of Christian doctrine, ethics and attitudes among member churches as outlined in the Council’s Code of Ethics while also promoting good relationship building among members by using biblically tested Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms to resolve conflicts.


  • To utilize all gifts in the Body of Christ towards evangelism and pursuing development research and advocacy to influence important national policies that affect the wellbeing of society, including the specific areas of Peace and Reconciliation, Good Governance, Access to Basic Social Services.