“Don’t neglect prayer in COVID-19 fight” – GPCC Member

A member of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), Rev. Bright Tuekpe has urged Ghanaians to take the precautionary measures seriously to avoid being infected with the COVID-19.

She said, they should take personal and environmental hygiene seriously since these are the key steps to avoid the spread of the COVID -19 to save their loved ones.

Speaking in an interview with GPCC News Team, she indicated that,the country is in difficult times due to the outbreak of the virus, therefore; “Our individual and collective survival depend on our collective attitude and behaviour to fight against the pandemic.”

Take precautionary measures seriously

According to her, as a minister of God she has been praying for Ghanaians, but taking physical precautions it is key and the people must comply with the directives of the President of Ghana.

“Ghanaians must protect themselves by washing their hands frequently, cut their figure nails, avoiding touching their face, use the nose mask, ensure social distancing (1 meter or 3 feet) with people and keep our environment clean to avoid being infected with the virus,” she advised.

Talking about environmental hygiene, Rev. Tuekpe pointed that, Ghanaians should make sure they keep their rooms cleans and develop a positive attitude towards environmental sanitation as effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

As reverend ministers of God, she advised that, even though the Churches have been closed, most Pastors use online platforms to communicate to their members, so they should educate their members using their pulpits so that “together we can win the battle against this pandemic.”

Touching on how bad the closure of churches is affecting them negatively, she noted that, some churches have rented their premises and due to the fact that church members are not paying their tithes and offerings, they cannot pay for their rent and salaries for resident pastors.

“Even though the pandemic is making the church members vulnerable, some pastors are going through a lot of financial challenges,” she said.

Believe in Prayers

 Rev. Tuekpe who is the Head Pastor of the Christ the Morning Star Church urged government  officials to advise Ghanaians to take prayers seriously aside taking precautionary measures.

She mentioned that, in the eyes of Ghanaians they think this crisis would take time but with continuous prayers, God could heal the country from this pandemic within a twinkle of an eye.

“Government should encourage Ghanaians to seek the face of the Lord but not only encourage us to take personal hygiene seriously believing that God will heal us soon,” Rev. Tuekpe said.

Commenting on how those in the rural areas are not complying with the directives, the reverend minister urged government to ensure those in the rural areas comply the protocols and adhere to the precautionary measures.

She urged government to educate those in the rural areas since rural –urban migration is common in the country.



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