GPCC congratulates COVID-19 Frontline workers

The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) has congratulated all coronavirus (COVID-19) frontline workers for their outstanding contribution to the fight against the spread of the pandemic in the country.

Speaking on behalf of the Council in an interview with GPCC News Team, the General Secretary, Rev. Emmanuel T. Barrigah noted that in the midst of weak health system and under-resourced health facility, frontline workers risked their lives and that of their families to fight against the spread of the pandemic for Ghanaians to stay safe.

Commendations for frontline workers

He pointed out that, when there were limited or no personal protective equipment’s (PPE’s) at the onset of the pandemic, frontline workers did not abandon post but stayed on as duty calls while some got infected in the cause of duty which is very phenomenal.

“The leadership Council on behalf of Ghanaians congratulate Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist, Laboratory Technicians, National ambulance staff and all other paramedics’ in the various health institution across the country as well as appreciate your hard work, commitment and sacrifices to fight against this pandemic,” he said.

He indicated that, Ghanaians are grateful for the research scientist and support staff at the Noguchi Memorial Institute, and the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research for their excellent role in ensuring that most of the over 100,000 samples of suspected cases brought to their centre’s from all over the country were expeditiously tested making Ghana one of the best countries globally to have tested a large chunk of the population in spite of their inherent resource constraints.

Rev. Barrigah noted that the Council commended them for their great testament of true Ghanaian spirit to always rise to the occasion to confront any challenge.

“The Council is particularly encouraged by your innovation and commitment of your staff and volunteers to work 24 hours to achieve this global feat to enhance testing. We say ayekoo and May the good Lord protect and bless you for your continuous demonstration of commitment and love to your country,” the revered prayed for them.

Invaluable contribution

Also, to the contact tracing team, the Council indicated that, their work may not be visible but they are one of the most critical services to the command chain in the war against the pandemic, adding that, their invaluable contribution would remain in the hearts of Ghanaians.

“You move from community to community, house to house, and room to room to ensure that every potential convid-19 contact is traced and their samples taken, sometimes with resistance, threat and violence from suspects at the risk of your lives. Ghana remain eternally grateful to you for your national effort at containing lives,” the General Secretary commended them.

Touching on the role of the response team at the Metropolitan, Municipal and District level across the country for their effective contribution and the role that they have played at their irrespective level in the fight against this pandemic, the Council continued to pray for them and encouraged them for their good work.

The Council urged them to continue their selfless work to achieve a common goal of winning the fight against the pandemic.

The General Secretary appealed to Ghanaians to continue to observe strictly guidelines issued by government so far as their personal safety and their families are concern.

As a Council, the General Secretary indicated that, they would continue to pray and educate the public as part of efforts in winning the fight against this pandemic.


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