2020 GPCC and CCG joint conference in Accra

The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) and the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) have organised its 4th annual joint ecumenical fellowship at Baptist Convention Centre in Accra on the 12th March 2020.

The joint ecumenical fellowship was aimed at strengthening the unity among the body of Christ and also to pray for the nation.

A day before the fellowship, participants had a business meeting at Evangel Assemblies of God in Accra to discuss national issues as they worked together to promote national development.

The joint fellowship brought together heads of churches of the GPCC and CCG within the Greater Accra Region.

Churches to Promote Unity

Giving a sermon at the Fellowship, the Vice President of Baptist International Ministries Centre, Most Rev. Dr. Enoch Thompson urged the Church to promote unity as the body of Christ.

Speaking on the theme: “Let the Church be the Church”, he said “we are the church and church must affect and impact lives.”

Hence, Christians should have love for people genuinely where they could come together and eat devoid of tribalism and ethnicity.

He explained that, the church is the body of Christ of which He is the head, a holy temple so His holiness must become the Christian’s character. Therefore, if Christians live a holy life together they form a holy temple where Christ dwells.

Doing this, Rev. Thompson pointed out that, in the pursuance of Christ, they should let the church be the church in their individual lives but not to turn it into something else.

“We should not accustom to church, church is a place where we go every day and meet people, fellowship does not end on Sunday,” he said.

The Church under threat

Touching on how some pastors have merchandised the church where he made reference to Ephesians 3, Rev. Thompson said the church is under threat, but the church would survive, overcome and over power the threat.

He observed that the church has been turned into a commercial enterprise saying the church has been tempered with many times yet it is marching on.

He urged Christians not to allow the church to lose its identity saying that, what makes the church loses its identity sometimes is because “we misunderstand the church’s identity,”

Giving some key points on how the church could survive the threat in this contemporary times, he stated that, the church would continue to be the church when Christians accept the divine definition.

Rev. Thompson urged pastors and religious leaders not to make the church their personal property, because the ownership is above.

Again, he said the church could survive the threat if Christians let the church be the salt of the earth, adding that, the church should affect humanity.

Referencing Mathew 5: 13, he said, “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”

Therefore, he emphasized that, salt has the power of preservation from spoilage so the church’s existence should preserve the society from corruption, noting that, Christ intentionally referred to Christians and the church as the salt of the earth.

“Everybody can steal from the job but our church members will not steal, there is so much corruption so the church should affect society positively,” he said.

He pointed out that, Christian leaders should teach and preach to their members to positively affect the society because, the purpose of salt is to season food, adding that, pastors and religious leaders should tell politicians in their church that, they could do politics without acrimony.

“Let us bring sweetness into the society. People should look at the church and say we want this way of life- we want this Jesus they talk about,” Rev. Thompson encouraged.

The vice President noted that, the church could survive the threat as they become the light of the world, stressing that there is a conflict between light and darkness.

Hence, he mentioned that, the church should communicate the Mystery of God.


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