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Rev. Ministers, Bawku Naba, Mr. Thomas Atika, Representative of Regional Minister, Representative of MCE for Bawku, Regional and District Electoral Commissioners, Representative of National Commission for Civic Education, Representatives of Political Parties, Fellow Leaders of Faith-Based Organisations, All CSOs and NGOs present, Eminent Chiefs,  Representative of the National Chief Imam, respectable Leaders from other religious bodies, Representatives of Security Agencies, Invited Dignitaries, Members of the Media, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Lord our God deserves every praise, honour and adoration for His great mercies upon us as a nation. It is His grace that has kept us together to this day as a nation. We are grateful to Him.

Let me first of all present to you the greetings of the President of GPCC, Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah who would have loved to be here in person to deliver this address but he could not because of an earlier engagement. He asked me to render his apologies to you all.

Let me also take this opportunity on behalf of the National Executive Council to formally welcome all of you to this ceremony. We are grateful you all made time in spite of your heavy schedules to join us on this Saturday morning. God bless you.

The National Executive Council of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, in keeping to its divine duty and effort to seek the sustainability of peace of our country Ghana, has put forth this programme, Peace, Love, Unity and Stability in Ghana (PLUS Ghana).

This rational is to facilitate a peaceful atmosphere in the run-up, during, and after the Presidential and Parliamentary elections. In this programme, we seek to collaborate with other Christian bodies including the Christian Council, the Catholics Secretariat and National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches and the other religious bodies including the office of the Chief Imam and the Ahmaddiya Mission to maintain the peace we have in the nation.

Distinguished guests we shall all agree that God has been gracious to Ghana as a country. We have had five (5) peaceful elections in the Fourth Republic. We appreciate previous governments who saw to it that Ghana's constitution was followed.  We also commend the role that the leaders of opposition parties over the years have played, especially the presidential candidates who generously accepted the results. 

Furthermore, we believe that the success story of the elections have been partly due to the confidence Ghanaians have had in the electoral processes and the work of the Electoral Commission. We commend their good work.  Finally, we congratulate all Ghanaians for the way we behaved and conducted ourselves in past presidential and parliamentary elections.

Nevertheless, we have realised that the build-up to every election in our dear country brings about great tension, which often ends up in some amount of violence and a number of death cases. These violence and deaths when they occur, affect all Ghanaians irrespective of religion or ethnicity. Please we have only one country Ghana and no other place to go to.

As Faith-based organisations, we recognise it is part of our God-given mandate, to lead our institutions and communities to stem the incidence of violence, and mitigate the impact of such violence on individuals and communities.  Hence the GPCC, in collaboration with other religious bodies, supported by STAR-GHANA aiming at achieving this through our PLUS Ghana programmes. We intend to do this through:

1. Educating people to understand the various stages of the Electoral process such as the one we organised throughout the country before the bio-metric registration exercise.

  • Political campaigns
  • Voting and counting of ballots, declaration of results; and
  • Post-election transition.

In all these we collaborate with the Electoral Commission and NCCE in this exercise.
2. Negotiating with political party leaders to be responsive to the issues of insults, which could breed conflict, violence, war, blood-letting and draw our dear country back.  We will also encourage parties not to organise their supporters to infuriate the supporters of other parties.

3. We appeal to our teeming young members to learn to respect the rule of law; learn to be orderly and disciplined, to exercise responsible behaviour and character, and develop their moral strength and courage to keep away from unhealthy influences by some leaders who will like to use you for their ends.  We entreat you to foster good relations among yourselves and communities as one people in one nation.

4. We encourage you to cultivate the culture of tolerance in your homes and families, neighbourhoods, towns and villages, constituencies, districts and indeed the whole country. Already we live in our communities at peace with people of different religions, parties, football teams, and ethnic groups. Let us point to them that we need to maintain this at public level and in our elections.
5. We call on the Media to endeavour to be very circumspective in their reportage, since your role is also central to either the success or failure of our electoral process.

6. We encourage the state security agencies as they do always to continue maintain law and order without fear or favour.
We shall continue to implement similar activities till elections are over, and trust that we shall see Ghana more united than ever after December 2012.

Fellow heads of Churches and Imams, as Faith Based Organisations (FBOs), we hold the key to making Ghanaian politics clean and devoid of vices, such as acrimony and insults, since our members form the greater majority of Ghana’s population. Let us remember that our silence and inactions will only serve to needlessly increase the risk and vulnerability of our members and communities.
We appeal to the Electoral Commission to be more vigilant in the discharge of its constitutional mandate. We encourage them to build upon the reputation they have built over the years.

By the mercies of God, we call upon all our political leaders to prove by word and deed that they will endeavour to promote the peace of the nation. Most importantly, we appeal to the ruling government to continue to lift high the flag       of Ghana by being more watchful and demonstrating equity in the administration of justice in the nation.
Distinguished guest, we pledge our support to the collaborative efforts by Christians, Muslims and other Faith based organisations to promote peace and tranquillity in our country.

We trust that the Almighty God, Onyakopon, Allah, Mawu, Nwomo will guide us in our efforts of Peace, Love, Unity and Stability in Ghana (PLUS).  Ghana will once again have a peaceful election. Let us all make ourselves available as agents of Peace, endeavour to Love one another, pursue things that will bring Unity in order to bring the Stability needed to ensure the development of the nation. Thank you for your patience and attention.  God bless you.

Evangelist Jimmy Markin
GPCC, Upper East Regional Chairman

For: Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah, PRESIDENT - GPCC

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